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McClintock Class of 87 30 Year Reunion$ 30.00
When:10/14/2017 6:00 pm
Where:Shalimar Golf Club
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Guest Purchased Tickets
Jennifer Johnson
Steve Derivan
Randy Eberhardt
Phil Kiermayr
Jen Martyn
Melynda Minor
Elysia (Sasha) Longo (Nicolas)
Jaime Steer (Rippey)
Erik Carlson
Dan Foster
Kathi Foster
Gigi Arnold (Seeger)
Scott Seeger
Joie Shettler
Carol Hutchison (Clemmensen)
Amy Valenzuela (Fisher)
Dan Fisher
Hannah Hudson
Jill Wolfer (Hudson)
Ken Hudson
Kendall Hudson
Lori Sucharski
Total 23