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McClintock Class of 87 30 Year Reunion$ 30.00
When:10/14/2017 6:00 pm
Where:Shalimar Golf Club
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Guest Purchased Tickets
Tom W/ Cornwell (Thompson)
Troy Buchanan
Nicole Hancock
Erin Mcgee (Johnson)
Amy Ostrom
Melissa Batchelder
Keira Ufalusi
Brent Hatfield
Julie Kirk
Peggy Davis (Schapler)
Christina Moncayo (Hancock)
Randall Hancock
Leah Trenter (Zack)
Rob Zack
Michele Jaramillo
Lauri Olson
Kathleen Valentine (Walsh)
Tim Thies
Kelly Patrick (Garvey)
Shane Snyder
Stacy Matz (Snyder)
Cindy Buggle (Soto)
Liana Pereira (Epperson)
Shawn Epperson
Kelly Covey (Breihan)
Shea Lunsford (Cano)
Blaine Slattery
Dan Smith
Jenifer Hampton (Merriam)
Mitch Monsegur
Bill Hubele
Don Bouvier
Monica Buchanan
Angel Castro
Bruce Young
Lynnette Wolfe (Young)
Brian Blackmore
Brooke Parker (Blackmore)
Hunter Eldest Son (Blackmore)
Karelyn My Girl!! (Blackmore)
Lucas Youngest Son (Blackmore)
Jeff Dalton
Robert Glover
Mark Hamblen
Stacie Hamblen
Molly Cornwell (Cornwell)
Amber Taylor (Walker)
Tommy Walker
Rob Rawnsley
Matt Watson
Marc Janoff
Mike Mings
Jennifer Johnson
Steve Derivan
Randy Eberhardt
Phil Kiermayr
Jen Martyn
Melynda Minor
Elysia (Sasha) Longo (Nicolas)
Jaime Steer (Rippey)
Erik Carlson
Dan Foster
Kathi Foster
Gigi Arnold (Seeger)
Scott Seeger
Joie Shettler
Carol Hutchison (Clemmensen)
Amy Valenzuela (Fisher)
Dan Fisher
Hannah Hudson
Jill Wolfer (Hudson)
Ken Hudson
Kendall Hudson
Lori Sucharski
Total 76